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Life on the road seems like a blast and it is. I often have to stop and think what a normal life used to feel like. It’s been almost two years of continuous backpacking and that type of nonstop freedom has a certain effect on you. It blurs your outlook on life. You kind of experience your days differently. There is no lingering end date waiting to ruin your vacation. There is just the next destination.

However, there are of course the less attractive side effects of a life of adventure, traveling from country to country. The area of my life that takes the biggest hit is relationships. Skype and messaging just don’t come close to substituting for chill sessions, banter in the car and the feeling when your mate has your back.

This past week I’ve been lucky enough to share the adventure with my mates who visited from all over the world. Time with friends these days is much more important to me because just like how the end date hangs over the heads of most tourists on vacation, the end date of my time with friends is always limited. I’ve just finished dropping most of them off at the airport and while my adventure continues the dynamic changes.

Nic Morley is a name some of you may remember. He was selected as the videographer for my Nusa Islands Blogger Workshop in March. However, he joined me for a day in Bondi, Australia and then we managed to link up for a full week on Kauai and has fast become a good mate. He created some awesome clips this week while we adventured and I’ve shared them below. The first one is Josh and I working out in Hanelei, which Nic managed to make look far more epic than it was! Definitely, subscribe to Nic’s channel as he will be creating some more epic videos for my Nusa Islands Blogger Workshop in March!

The second clip is a compilation of our adventures running the ridges out on the west side of the island.


This week was intense. The hikes out in Koke’e State Parke continued and the Na Pali coastline continued to excite us. I’ve now completed over 12 hikes while I’ve been on the island of Kauai and have done several of them multiple times. The views of the Na Pali coast are second to none. It is a place that makes you feel incredibly small in the best way possible.

Sometimes I forget what actually happened in the last week because it’s just too damn crazy. I went on a helicopter tour of the island and a Zodiac boat tour of the Na Pali coast. What the hell! I’m attached some of my favorite photos and candids from the last seven days below.

Josh is going to hang out here for a few more days before we both head back to Oahu for a day and then I’ll head out to Indonesia for my Blogger Workshop on the Nusa Islands.

Hope you all had a good great week. See you in seven days.