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How this journey ended up being so different than anything I could’ve imagined.


This crazy whirlwind of travel has been such an amazing experience. When we first set out for this adventure I thought I would learn to be less materialistic, more thankful, and happier in whatever living situation came my way. I definitely learned that and so much more! Traveling for a living seemed like a dream come true. While I knew there would be challenges, I thought that I had found the perfect career and lifestyle.

On this journey I’ve realized that I love seeing new places and people, but I don’t think that I was really prepared for what it would mean to sell everything and head out for an undetermined amount of time. Here we were in some seriously beautiful places, doing so many fun things, but instead of feeling free I found myself constantly wondering when we would settle down.

They aren’t exaggerating when they say that you learn so much about yourself when you travel. They also aren’t exaggerating when they say traveling together with your partner is huge test on your relationship. We have definitely been tested.

I just want to thank everyone for supporting us as a couple, supporting us in all of our endeavors, and for following us on our adventures. I want to thank our families for showering us with so much love and support and constantly backing our sometimes seemingly crazy dreams.

I want to thank Jackson for pushing me to my fullest potential and for supporting me even when it meant going after a dream that would take me away from him. I want to thank him for all that he has taught me throughout the last 3 years and how much he has attributed to my personal life journey. We have shared so many experiences that I will forever treasure and have had so much fun growing together. I will always have so much love and respect for him and continue to support him in all that he does.

I’m sad about leaving the blog but I know Jackson will continue to do a great job on it and look forward to reading about all of his future adventures. I’ll be getting certified to teach yoga this month then plan to start officially teaching.

Even though I’m leaving Journey Era, I’ll continue to post my solo adventures, yoga journey, and love of great gluten free and vegan food on my Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (Jessicablackmun), and Twitter.

If you don’t already, check me out and follow along.