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Well, what do you know! It was just another week on the road, hitting up the beaches along the east coast of Australia. I barely had much time to work ferociously on my blog as I sometimes do on the road. However, it was a monumental moment for the blog. I reached 200,000 monthly page views. I’ve been blogging for 21 months. This blog is ranked within the top 50,000 in the USA and in the top 250,000 in the world.

I don’t do big celebrations. I remember when I reached 100,000 Instagram followers. I was on this train in Sri Lanka and I refreshed the screen saw the 100k, smiled and moved on with my life. It was very much the same when my blog ticked over to 200,000 monthly page views. However, it is pretty huge and I know that.

I never expected this blog to be anything more than me documenting my adventures and a handful of people reading it. It has transformed along the way to one of the biggest adventure travel blogs in the world. Which, to be honest, is damn crazy.

For the non-bloggers out there reading this (most of you) these numbers might not mean a alot as for all you know 200,000 could be good, bad or regular. So, I won’t bore you with any more numbers and followers and figures.

I will instead try not to bore you with a short summary of what the hell is up with my life at the moment and more importantly where am I headed next!

I’m currently in Bondi with my family on the last day of our east coast Aussie road trip. It’s been awesome chilling with the fam and meeting some old friends and relatives along the route. I took the photo above on my iPhone 6while a crazy storm was flyingintoo Bondi, I went for a run anyway and got destroyed by the storm.

I’ll be heading back to my hometown, Adelaide, for a week to catch up with more friends and family before I take off for another year on the road! My first stop is going to be to Oahu, Hawaii and Kauai, Hawaii. When I lived on Oahu, I never hopped to the other Hawaiian islands because I was in crazy savings mode to start my life as a digital nomad. So, I’ve made the decision to go back and tick Kauai off my bucket list. I will be there for almost a month exploring all corners of the island so if you are from Kauai or going to Kauai hit me up and we can adventure together!

I’m currently working on another video for Sony after the last one blew up. You may remember the underwater Coron video I made that was shared by tens of thousands and viewed millions of times on Instagram and Facebook. I have a few cool collaborations coming up early this year and some epic destination collaborations with tourism boards to places I have never been to before! (Hint: not Asia!)

But for now, its blog work, hanging out with friends and family and mentally and physically preparing myself for a year of travel on the road, living out of my backpack. What adventures will 2018 bring!

PS: I am still on my photography detox! Therefore please accept the lack of photos on the weekly blogs. I need a break from my camera, editing, and everything online while I am home but still like to keep things rolling with content I’ve already created and this weekly! Balance is key.

Hope you all had a rad week, drop me a line here or on my Instagram @jackson.groves if you want to chat.