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75 weeks on the road. That’s three-quarters of a century. What a freaking journey it has been so far. I think I say that every week so I’m sorry if my reflection is getting old but good god the adventure is real!

This week we have survived round 1 of the storms that are currently hitting the Philippines. 26 people have lost their lives in the Philippines just overnight due to landslides from the storm that has already passed Siargao, the island I am on. When I say ‘survived’, I mean purely made it through without any shred of danger. The worst that happened on Siargao was no electricity intermittently and the same issue with water.

A bigger typhoon is currently on its way and Josh and I are hoping to sneak out of Siargao tomorrow before it hits and keeps us stuck on the island. There are worse places to be stuck but it would be nice to get home for Christmas.

What is the big announcement? I’m looking for a videographer for my Nusa Island Blogger Workshop in March next year. I want someone who will daily Vlog seven out of the ten days and also create one highlight video of the adventures we get up to on the workshop.

I’m looking for young, creatives looking for a break into the content creation industry. The ideal candidate will be motivated, energetic, ready for the hustle and has some good experience in creating a video for campaigns or YouTube.

100 people have already applied in the first 24 hours of the position being announced.

Despite the storms and bad weather, we still got up to a few adventures this week and have hit a hat-trick of sunrises in a row. Two at Cloud 9 surf break and one at a palm tree forest. Sunsets aren’t even a question. If the skies are even a little bit clear we are there!

Hope you all had a ripper week. These are a few of my favorite shots from this week!