This past year has been mental. I’ve averaged almost two flights a week, been to 20+ countries and worked on numerous campaigns around the world. I’ve written a blog post every second day and spent hours and hours building my online presence and creating unique content. I thought what better way to end the year than a month on a tropical surf island in my favorite country, the Philippines, to wind down at a slower pace.

So I finished the campaign with the tourism board of the Philippines and they flew me out to Siargao, a small island where I will spend the next month up until Christmas.

I’ve rented an AirBnb with my sister and two mates from Australia for $900 USD split four ways including a motorbike. The idea is to spend the whole month exploring the island but with enough time to chill in between. Normally I visit a place for a week and try and cram in as many adventures as possible and then curate that content the next day. This month is all about slowing down, enjoying the moment and producing some content as I go.

Siargao must have the highest coconut palm per square meter ratio on the planet. Every corner is a field of coconut palms. The island vibes have never been more real.

These are the highlights of my first week on Siargao!


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