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At times my life probably seems like a non-stop vacation and for the most part, it is! However, you still get tired, have a backlog of work and feel like you need a break from noodles and vegetables.

I have a week break between my Sri Lanka media trip, which just ended and my next trip to the Aussie Outback working with the Northern Territory Tourism Board. These trips are always off the charts and packed with adventures and involve little sleep. I usually blog daily while on the trips, edit photos, Instagram and all that good stuff. So, in order not to kill myself, I thought I would head to Canggu in Bali for the week and get some rest, exercise, solid work time and healthy food.

Canggu is like the Los Angeles of Bali as quoted by Cody @thenomad. All the cool kids are here. There are more vegan cafe’s than bars and there are influencers aplenty. Big Instagrammers and Youtubers live here and there is a smell of entrepreneurship in the air. It’s hard not to get caught up in your own or someone else’s creativity as you wander throughout Canggu.

Accommodation and Transport

Like LA, it can get expensive quick but you can get the best parts of Canggu, while surviving on a shoestring budget. Jorden and I are sharing a room at an AirBnb. It’s called Made Surf House 1. For $120 a week we have a room with A/C, fast wifi, and a private bathroom. That $120 also includes a moped rental for the whole week. We are talking $60 each for the week including accommodation and our transport.


We know a spot in Canggu that serves local food for just over a dollar a plate and make sure to fill up on that in between the more expensive smoothie bowls and cups of latte art found at one of the thousand hipster cafes in the region. It is quite easy to spend under $10 a day on food. In fact, if we wanted to we could lie for under $5 a day but its vital to the Canggu experience to consume at least some chia seeds, spirulina and smashed avo during your stay. I mock it all but there are really great food joints here. Just yesterday I ate an edible flower from the top of my smoothie bowl. Fancy.


The best part about Canggu is the outdoor gym at Berawa Beach called Barstarz. If you finish before 8 am there is no-one to pay for the workout otherwise it is $1.50 USD for the use of their bars and homemade gear. Yesterday I did a workout at sunrise, went for a short jog then hit the waves. It’s an awesome way to start the day.


There are plenty of ways to ‘Do Canggu’, but this little combo enables me to recover and recharge ready for the next trip!

Stoked to be heading back to Australia next week to explore Uluru and the outback on my first Aussie campaign. Hope you all had a great week!