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I did two crazy things this week. One of them involved smuggling illegal goods into India and the other was located on a 160m-high bridge above a raging river.

Having just arrived back from the EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK I didn’t waste any time. The next day I took off with my trekking guide to the third highest bungee jump in the world. I was lucky enough to have my tour sponsored by the company but I paid for Lapsang my guide to come as well. He had never done a bungee and when I asked him if he had been cliff jumping he said from about 2m into the pool was the highest.

The day was so awesome and bungee is still my favorite adventure activity. Far better than skydiving! Check out the video of the day here!


After the bungee and several more activities in Kathmandu, it was time to leave Nepal. My next destination was Varanasi in India. There was one issue though. India doesn’t allow drones in without a permit and the permit is targeted towards commercial photographers and videographers costing upwards of $20 per day. I decided to catch a bus and hoped to smuggle the drone in my backpack through the border, which I assumed would have much laxer security than the airport.

The bus ride was horrendous but also hilarious. The roads in Nepal are so bumpy, I was literally holding on to the seat in front of my for the first eight hours as I flew around. 

We arrived at the border around 11 pm – 10 hours into the 20-hour journey – All of my bags were searched and I was a little nervous but I had hidden the drone at the bottom of my big backpacking bag wrapped in a jacket and the guard didn’t find it. Mission accomplished. Now to learn how to fly it.


I have been in Varanasi for almost a week now and if you ask how it is the first word that springs to mind is HOT. It is 43 degrees Celsius or higher on the forecast each day. I can handle heat better than most, I grew up in the Adelaide summers over 40+ weather. This is something else. 

My adventures have been limited to sunrise and sunset although I have tried several times to go all out in the middle of the day it’s hard to last too long walking around.

The city is amazing. They say it is older than history itself and it definitely feels that way. This coming week I will explore in greater depth and have some photos and videos to share with you all shortly. 

If you didn’t notice, this week I published all of the Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek Vlogs. You can watch them here:







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Thursday 14th of June 2018

bungee jumping is one of the best adventure , You can tell me at which place you done this jump with excat location.