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I had originally planned to head north on the trains but bad weather had other ideas. The outcome was definitely not hard to handle. I ended up making several road trips along the south coast of Sri Lanka exploring the coastline.

I spent one full day at Hikkaduwa, which is a small coastal town. The interesting part about Sri Lankan beaches is that for the most part locals and tourists both hang out. In many parts of Asia the restaurants, cafes, and establishments are too high-end for a majority of locals. So far in Sri Lanka, I’ve found a mix of different places to eat and drink even in tourist hotspots. Public transport also takes anyone to most beaches for less than a dollar.

At Hikkaduwa the surf was pretty solid so I jumped in the water. Normally I get cold after a short time but the Indian Ocean is as hot like their cuisine. I spent over two hours in the waves and shot a little video.

Later in the week I took the moped all the way down the coast for a few hours finally arriving at Tangalle. I love driving the moped as I can stop along the way, which I definitely did. I enjoyed a swim with some local guys at Midigama and stopped at almost every other beach for a look.

I had really great surf session at Tuk-Tuk Bay just out of Tangalle. Two local guys and I had the entire bay to ourselves and I even had to join in with their traditional wave calling. When the swell drops down for a little bit, they scream, similarly to the peacock outside of my room each morning, in the hope that the ocean will hear their pleas and deliver some more waves.

Predictably, I’ve been finding the spicy food hard to handle but it will be a good warm-up for India next week I am sure. When I ask for “No Spicy” they laugh and say okay. I’m not sure if they are messing with me but the “No Spicy” plate is definitely still way too spicy for me.

Oh and I checked out the Galle Fort for sunset and it blew up. 

Yesterday I caught the 6.5 hr bus to the mountainous region of Ella from Unawatuna. I am working with Shanti Travel for two nights in Ella. Today I visited the Lipton Tea Plantation and several other plantations in the area during a hike with my guide Upali. More to come on that shortly.

I am staying in the guest room of the Trekking Guide’s homestay. The tea is delicious and plentiful and the food has been awesome. I’m stoked to be able to hang out with Mohideen and his family despite our conversations being short and sweet.

By the time I write the next weekly I will be in India on the Kerala Blog Express! Hope you all had a great week!