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The bad news about this week is that I am still waiting to hear if I have been selected for the Kerala Express. I have been told by friends to keep waiting as last year the blogger team was confirmed quite late. I think I will visit India anyway so luckily it hasn’t changed my plans too much.

First stop Bali

I booked my flight out of Australia. I’m heading to Bali, Indonesia on February 19th because I managed to find a flight from Adelaide for $140. I probably won’t stay long before flying to Jakarta for $50 and then straight on to Colombo in Sri Lanka for $140. The cost to fly direct from Adelaide to Colombo is over $700 but by giving myself a week in Bali I can get there for $330. Pays to be flexible.

Finally some heat

This week in Adelaide was hot, hot, hot. Perfect. I spent almost every day at the beach except for one day visiting a quarry in the foothills of Adelaide. The quarry is full of crystal clear water, although I have no idea what minerals are in the water but that is another thing to worry about when I’m 70.

The quarry was awesome. We spent the day sun baking and jumping off the cliffs. A 15 metre and six metre jump kept me entertained for several hours. I pushed myself again to backflip from what I guessed was about six meters. Maybe by the end of 2017 I will backflip from 10 meters. Nervous thinking about it but the feeling of going for it no matter the landing or result is why I do it. Something I try and apply to all aspects of my life. I made this short little video of the day at the Quarry.

Room to move

I don’t often talk about my finances or specifics of my blog nor my life but after the Q&A it seems quite a lot of you care what is in my wallet. This month was my highest ever earning month since I began blogging. I managed to earn about $2000 USD by doing some featured posts, content creation, writing blog posts for other websites and re-signing a client to my Instagram consultancy program.

Each month I aim to earn $1000 as I spend around $800 per month while traveling. However, I don’t really spend a lot of time worrying about money. I mostly spend my time making videos, editing photos, adventuring, hanging out at the beach, writing blog posts and just creating content and interacting with anyone who comments on it.

I always wanted to make just enough to survive. Anything above a comfortable lifestyle, which for me is backpacking, hostels and minimalism is a bonus and not something I will be spending on nights out or fancy clothes. I save anything I don’t spend keeping it ready for a gear upgrade or in case it is necessary to launch several projects I have planned in 2017.

This week I am going to pack my camera and tripod in a bag and head off down the Great Ocean Road along the southeast coast of Australia. It will be a solo trip unless there are any last minute takers. I’m looking forward to exploring the coast in depth and hopefully finding some epic spots. My goal is to shoot some nice landscapes and make use of my ND filter.

Hope you all had a great week.