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Living out the reality of being digital nomads in Bali. Working, surfing, and enjoying a rewarding weekend at our favorite enchanting eco village.


This week was a great balance of work and play. We started the beginning of the week with a few full on work days at an internet cafe in Legian. Yes, despite the fact that we travel for a living we still have ‘work times’. On these heavy work days we will pull a solid 8-10 hour session of work so that we can get ahead and have more time where we can just experience our adventures instead of stopping every day to find internet cafes. During the first half of the week we would work most of the day then explore the surrounding area by foot in the evenings. It was in these first few days that we found an amazing little street market where Jackson spent a mere 17,000 Rupiah (about $1.20USD) for a huge serving of Nasi Goreng which is Indonesian Style fried rice.

After a few days of work it was time to reward ourselves for our efforts. We decided to rent a moped and go visit a few nice health cafes and get some surfing in! Let me just set the record straight and tell you all that Jackson and I can’t really call ourselves surfers. We can count the number of times we’ve surfed on our fingers and toes.

In kuta there are some nice small beginner waves and you can rent a foam board for $5 or less for an hour. The only drawback is that this is a prime surf spot for newbies and people taking lessons. Thus, I got hit with so many random surfboards that I lost count. We went surfing a few times this week and decided it was an awesome way to end our work days.

While surfing and working was good, the real reward came at the end of the week! We were invited to stay at Desa Seni: A Village Resort in Canggu. This eco-village was like my dream come true! With a daily yoga schedule, an amazing restaurant, and the most idyllic, antique Indonesian heritage cottages, the weekend was pure bliss.

digital nomads in bali

Jackson and I enjoyed so many amazing meals. I took some incredible yoga classes-including a Fly High Yoga class where you spend the majority of the class using gravity and hanging yoga belt to get the most out of the asanas.

digital nomads in bali

Desa Seni also set me up with an opportunity to try Traditional Chinese Medicine for the first time with their TCM expert Andy! I have a huge aversion to needles, my fear is so strong that I’ve been known by my doctors, dentists, and family to be a huge cry baby about needles and any mention of a vaccination or injection. In the end, the acupuncture ended up being one of my favorite parts!

digital nomads in bali tcm

Now that we are out on our own, we’ve decided to track our daily and weekly spending so we can share how we travel and how awesomely inexpensive SE Asia can be!


Accommodation: $103

Food: $126.60

Attractions: $7.70

Transport: $28.6

Other: $13.8

Total: $279.7 USD

digital nomads in bali desa seni