boracay on a budget

Boracay is well known for parties and adventure activities such as jet-skiing, paragliding, reverse-bungee and more. It is also a lot more expensive than most places in the Philippines. It is pretty much the Bali of the Philippines. Great fun but Boracay on a budget is like fighting constant temptation.

Jorden and I were both pretty beat from the last 25 days of crazy adventures in the Philippines so we decided to lay low in Boracay and enjoy some beach days and quiet drinks at sunset bars. That way we wouldn’t spend too much money either.

We enjoyed the long stretch of White Beach, which reportedly has the finest sand in Asia. Each night at sunset the beach was buzzing with people and sailboats but during the day it was quiet and had a relaxing atmosphere.

boracay on a budget

I played beach soccer with a few local kids on the beach during sunset, which was of course one of the highlights of my time in Boracay.

boracay on a budget

On our first night in Boracay we visited Spider House, a bar on the cliffs that looks out over the ocean. It is the perfect spot for sunset and we ended up spending every single sunset on the balcony of the bar. It’s definitely a spot everyone needs to add to their Boracay itinerary. We also did our best to scare all the people chilling at the bar who were convinced the water was too low to jump. They were of course wrong.

boracay on a budget

We also checked out Puka Beach and spent the afternoon enjoying mango smoothies and a solid tanning session.

boracay on a budget

Currently I am in Singapore writing this but it’s raining, otherwise I wouldn’t be typing. It sucks as it is the only full day we have here but what can you do about the weather.

I am really excited to get back out of the city after only 15 hours and head to Cambodia. I am thinking of doing some video work for fun in Cambodia but of course will still be shooting photos. It’s been two months since I recorded any footage. I’ve really been focusing on improving my photography and editing. You can judge if I am improving or not!

Every spare second I have at the moment is spent creating content for the blog, sharing with you the places I have been. So I appreciate you for reading this or any of my work. I know a lot of people think all I do is ride on boats and kayaks and snorkel but I really do push myself to work as hard as possible to make the most of my time and the opportunities I have before me.

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