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For almost three months, I’ve been exploring the peaks of Switzerland. I’ve enjoyed the summer, learned a trick or two in the snow and sat atop many a viewpoint throughout the last 90 days. However, all good things come to an end and it actually seems like a fitting time to move on to the next adventure… plus it’s getting cold.

This week was spent based in Chur, a town in the east with central access to lots of the best hikes, lakes, and gorges in the area. I rented an Airbnb right next to the train station for just $33 a night, which made the transits to and from the hikes extremely convenient.

The week began with a trip to Joriseen, an incredible group of glacial lakes, which were starting to freeze over. The hike was 1000m of incline and took 6-hours to complete the route. Sunset from the top of the Jorihorn was one of the best in Switzerland so far.

The next hike of the week was the Lunersee, which was an interesting one because after walking for 12-kilometers in the snow, we actually arrived at the Swiss/Austria border. The main attraction, Lunersee Lake, was actually in Austria. However, the best viewpoint showing the lake as a love heart is from the Swiss side of the border! The hike home took us 16-kilometers in the dark and thankfully an old man gave us a lift to the train station for the last 5-kilometers. Throughout my three months, I have to say, the Swiss are quite generous with giving you a ride even if you are muddy or sweaty. I think they’ve all been there at some stage.

Onto the next. After Joriseen it was no rest. 30 kilometers in the legs the day before so off we set for another 20km the next day at the Rhine Gorge and visiting Crestasee and Caumasee. It was a relaxing day at two of the most popular lakes of the east before exploring the gorge from above and within.

That was halfway through the week and I wasn’t done yet, trying to squeeze every last moment I could out of my Switzerland trip. The next day I headed up to the Pinut Via Ferrata, a cliffside staircase near Flims. It was a great adventure with 1000m of incline while harnessed into the cable.

The final adventure of the week was set to be in Interlaken. I’d hoped to do the Hardergrat Trail, but it proved elusive again. Last time due to a camera bag mishap down the mountain and hot weather we had to come down halfway. This time, the weather the night before was too rainy making the trail potentially deadly. It’s claimed lives before and it’s strongly advised not to go the day after a rain so I decided just to do a small, safe segment of the trail called Augstmatthorn. It turned out incredibly as we met a colony of Ibex at the summit during sunset… all completely above the clouds. Oh yeah, and it was my birthday.