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This week began with a five hour boat journey from El Nido to Coron. I was sad to leave behind the paradise of El Nido and all of the friends we had made at Hakuna Matata Hostel. However, we were headed to another amazing island called Coron.


Jorden and I stayed one night at a random hostel and made use of the first solid wifi we had been connected to in 8 days. The next morning we hiked the 742 stairs up Mt. Tapyas and got a great view of the town. We hurried down in time to shower and meet our hosts for the next few days. I was lucky enough to be invited to stay at Casa Fidelis Resort and enjoy their accommodation, custom tour itinerary and amazing meals.




Our first day with Casa Fidelis began just before sunrise as we boarded a small boat to begin our island hopping adventure. Being on a custom tour was amazing as we arrived at every location on the island hopping tour an hour before all of the tourists. Normally crowded, we enjoyed each spot all to ourselves. We visited Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon and Skeleton Wreck among other stops.


The meals Casa Fidelis served up were the best feeds I have had since starting traveling! Oysters, prawns, steaks, bacon & eggs, grilled fish, grilled pork, barbecued chicken and more. What made the meals even better is that we were enjoying them on tropical beaches.

Our second day with Casa Fidelis was spent island hopping again but this time we ventured a little further. Almost two hours from Coron Town we visited Banana Island and Malcapuya Island. This landscape and beaches were simply stunning and it was a very relaxing today. We ate another amazing lunch then hammocked for an hour after our meal.




After our short stint in Coron we headed to Boracay, our last destination in the Philippines on our one month tour. I worked on my first ever sponsored flight with Air Juan who invited us to fly with them and create some video and photo content for them on the journey from Coron. It wasn’t too hard as we flew over amazing scenery and hundreds of islands.




Boracay seems much more crowded and full of tourists and parties but we have found a few good cliff jumping spots and beaches so we will have a great time here. It will also be a nice spot to unwind after all of our adventures and catch up on some work.

Next week we will be heading to Singapore for a few days then off for a few weeks in Cambodia.

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Tuesday 13th of November 2018

Hi, thanks for all you posts. It has been so helpful in my planned trip to the phillpines. One question, would you recommenced casa fidelis to stay in Coron or is it a bit too far out and away from the action? It seems Coron otwn proper isn't hat great anyway so maybe is doesn't matter being away from town? There are very few recent reviews on Casa Fidelis which makes me wonder if its not that good... or perhaps just a hidden gem??? cheers, Zoe from New Zealand