My final week in Switzerland before heading off to Tunisia for a one-week break, was a whirlwind of epic hikes. With 6 hikes in 7 days, my legs got a workout and so did my camera. Incredible conditions with low-level clouds where only topped by a few incredible sunsets and sunrises from the mountain huts. 

This is what my week looked like.

I hung out in the mountains with Ibex sometimes close and sometimes from afar, both equally magical moments.

An Ibex comes to check out the mountain hut
Can you spot the Ibex high up on the ridge during this beautiful sunrise…. I did.


I walked on snow, rocks, ladders and suspension bridges.


I had warm soup at 3000m inside mountain huts and chocolate croissants on the train to and from the trails.

People continued to stare at me as I sat sweaty, dirty and probably looking a bit scattered and out of place in first class on the train. Thanks tourism board for continuing to hook me up with those tickets.

My drone ventured higher than I’ve ever hiked, cruised over glaciers and even captured an avalanche.


I spoke fewer words this week than meters of elevation gained. Solo travel is still me. So much of the story will forever be untold, just the small moments that will always be for me, mine. The untold travel tales of a solo traveler.

Listening to a full album while hiking with no-one else on the trail is good for the soul.


Those are the facts of what happened in this last seven days. Since I’ve been hard at work not just on the trail but on the computer, I can share with you all of the hiking blogs I’ve created over the last week. The balancing act of doing and documenting is one I fall off regularly but only as I try and balance more and more not because my balance has gotten worse if you know what I mean.

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