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Last week I was in Alaska with Royal Caribbean on the cruise to and from Seattle as a photo gig but crusing was now over and I headed back to Switzerland. I had exactly two weeks before I headed off again so I decided to base in Interlaken.

The proximity of Interlaken to lots of great hikes in addition to its hostel availability, Interlaken is truly one of the best base camps you can pick if you are in a hiking mood. I really went for it this week with a hike every single day. The pace was actually fine for my physically although the blog posts stemmed to a halt as I was hiking on repeat. 

I like to keep up to date and it stresses me out just a touch to watch hike blog posts pile up unwritten because I know I will have to take a week off somewhere and just smash them all out one after another. However, when you are in the flow of things, the weather is good and you are enjoying the adventures it’s hard to take days off and sit on the computer. That’s the balancing act and too much in either direction and the wheels fall off. 

Over the years I’ve learned to recognize moments where I can go hard on the adventures or dive deep into a few weeks of blogging. Just like all aspects of my life, economies of scale is a practice I adhere to for efficiency and it’s no different here. With two weeks in Interlaken, I am trying to cover everything on the list in this region so that when I return for my final month in October, I can base in the east. Therefore there is no time for days off hiking to document everything.

All of this means I am hiking every single day, coming home and filing the photos and videos and still getting a few posts out. However, with moving around from hotels and hostels and the general tasks of solo travel like laundry, directions, planning, emails and even eating… the hikes are really all that I had time for.

So what does a week of hiking near Interlaken look like? These are some of my favorite shots from this week!


Sunday 8th of December 2019

I was wondering, where is that suspension bridge in your title picture? Does it have a name?


Friday 20th of September 2019

I can't stop looking at the photos but I am not sure if I could climb so much high :D