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This week has seen me chip away on so many fronts on the computer that I have spent more time sweating in the French Cafe than I have outside at the beach, which is only meters away.

I always play the long game. That often means that a specific week can be a 5/10 but overall your year is a 9/10 in all departments. That’s the goal. Those who have an epic week – one epic week – are those who are on vacation. I am living life abroad and living life abroad as a digital nomad running a business, a movement, and several projects. With that comes responsibility, distractions and often quite a lot of time putting out fires and planning.

This week has tested my patience and made me consider how to optimize several aspects of my life so that I can spend more time doing the things that fulfill me and less time booking things, planning details, organizing items online and other technical tasks. I understand this may be quite dry reading to many but the reality is that the arbitrary tasks that many people face who are living in fixed locations are matched by similar issues taking up lots of time for digital nomads.

One of my biggest strengths has become reading the ebbs and flows of the digital nomad life and my own personal life balance. I understand there are certain periods where I need to put in the hours to remain on top of the workload so that in the long run there are no major fires that blaze out of control. 

Earlier this week, I headed out on a few hikes up in Dalaguete but also planned a mini-road trip to Bohol. I’m leaving tomorrow to meet up with Jammy and the Plastic Free Bohol Crew for a cleanup on the 9th and to revisit Bohol. It will be my first overseas (short ferry) road trip on the bike and I’ll be hoping to stay upright.

I’ve also booked myself in for a level-2 AIDA free-diving course so that I can explore the ocean in the four upcoming sailing, island-hopping and boat trips coming up in March and April.

On the running front, I’ve headed back on up into the 40s. It’s nice to reach 40km a week again, which is half of the distance I was running last time I was in Moalboal. I’m leaving puddles in the LGC gym on the daily and really making the most of having a chance at a routine while smashing a lot of small goals here in Moalboal that are going to set up the next few months very well.

Self Discipline has been the theme of the work. Hustle harder, hustle smarter towards your ultimate long-term goals no matter how that looks in the short-term. Don’t judge your short-term and don’t care for how others judge your short-term situation if you yourself, are confident in where you are heading and what you know you are capable of in 12 months time.



Saturday 23rd of March 2019

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Friday 22nd of March 2019

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Saturday 9th of March 2019

I've been feeling the EXACT same way this week about work. Keep trying to get into the gym or the beach but stuck, married to my computer putting in those man-hours so that I can (hopefully) take more time off over the next 3 weeks. Worth it but lacking balance can be hard!


Thursday 7th of March 2019

Self discipline is so important. I am trying to arrange my day to have time fore everything but if nobody kick my ass I am getting lazy. :P You know that feeling, right?