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The Lombok field trip was a success but that was quickly in the past as I jumped into a day full of transits back to my apartment in Moalboal on Cebu, Philippines. I teamed up with Cebu Pacific for the flights, which was a handy little collaboration for the transit.

From Bali, you need to fly to Manila and then to Cebu so there isn’t a great direct route yet. Then you grab a taxi to the bus terminal for 45 minutes and then take the 3- hour public bus down to Moalboal and the mission is complete. I hadn’t been back to the apartment since Josh and I left in December before the swim-run event training block we did in 2018. 

I quickly slotted back into the quiet, slow-paced lifestyle in Moalboal. I jog, head to the gym, work at the local cafes and do a few exploration adventures each week. It’s a chill town, which is super safe and low key so the vibe here is very relaxed. I use this time back in the boal to sort things out, catch up on some work and usually plan for a block of upcoming travels.

I ended up heading out on a few mini-treks in Dalaguete and was incredibly focused on the roads, trying not to end up on the side of the road like I did three times in December last year. I’ve slowed down a lot and am slowly clocking up experience miles on the motorbike.

I’ve been working hard as usual to keep the blog rolling as it heads towards 600,000 page views per month before it’s 3rd birthday. Organizing all of the banking, affiliates, payments, forms, emails and other tasks has become increasingly tedious and I’m looking for a way to streamline it all. I always want to keep the focus on the adventure and the travel and never want the business side of things to even get close to taking over. That’s not what this journey was about and it never will be. I’ll continue searching for a way to outsource the process if possible in this ever-complicated online world of the digital nomad.

My running recovery is continuing to roll along as I clock 40kms this week albeit quite slow on the clock. I’m doing some damage in the gym and am not in the worst shape ever heading in to the 10-week zone leading up to the Bali-Hope Ultra. 

Here is a visual look at my last week of adventures but keep in mind, many of the moments from last week were spent inside a cafe hammering the blog and online work. It’s all a balance and some weeks you need to balance the requirements of the lifestyle. 

I’m thankful for my health, my opportunity and for my surroundings. Cheers to a relatively uneventful week on the road from my point of view. However, I am sure visually and from the outside it looks as eventful as ever.

Casino Peak Hike Cebu Lugsangan-1473


Sunday 3rd of March 2019

Jackson - I'm glad to read that you are enjoying my country - the Philippines are very enchanting. Our food and our people are a wonderful part of visitors experiences here :)