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Environment Minister for South Australia, David Speirs, joined the Adventure Bag Crew for a morning clean-up at Sea Cliff Beach.

After chatting back and forth about single-use plastics, policy and much more, I managed to get David Speirs to join us down at Seacliff for the clean-up.

Joining us as well was Adopt-a-Spot organization who have little sections of beach adopted by locals who become the warden of their strip. I really like that initiate as they use the stats collected to help implement policy and use the data to enact change as well as keeping the beach clean.

This was the first event in a while that I had organized by myself. The last few were collaborations with Sea Shepherd and other organizations. We still managed to get a great turnout with more than 50 people turning up at 8 am to clean the Seacliff Beach.

We didn’t do a big weigh-in of the trash but we collected in buckets and each person went close to filling their bucket. The caravan park and trail behind the beach was where most of the trash was found. Bottles, plastic cups, and cigarette butts were the common finds as per usual.

Thanks to everyone who came out for another Adventure Bag Cleanup. There was no ‘adventure’ component to the day but I will continue to keep the model as a cleanup and an adventure going forward as I think they both go hand in hand and it brings really good vibes to the event.

Adelaide teacher

Friday 1st of March 2019

Fantastic work Jackson. You are a role model for younger trekkers like yourself. Stay well!