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Life loves to build us up, tear us down and occasionally tear us down further. It is all just a test in the end and some people deal with it better than others.

After running 80+ km’s per week for the last 2 months, my run of solid effort and good health came to an end. Hamstring Tendinitis struck. This was possibly an overload issue but even the experts in Adelaide weren’t sure. A bit too much but possibly a bit of bad luck too. The projected return was anywhere from a few weeks to half a year… not what you want to hear when you are running an Ultra Marathon (84.4km) in May.

It’s been a week full of rehab and visits to three different physios and specialists. The idea is to have a week off the slowly add load into the running program while strengthening the glutes and areas around the hamstring. This means next week will be 15km then 25km and so forth hopefully building back up to 50km a week before May, which would be ideal.

My hand has recovered enough from the motorbike crash to get me back in the gym so I’m putting my effort in there and obviously continuing this period of optimization on the blog.

The featured image was a drone shot from down at Second Valley.