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There’s nothing like heading back to the place you grew up to share Christmas with your family. This week was all about enjoying Adelaide, family and friends.

I put in 85k on the track and felt good. I ran to and fro the beaches, up to Mt. Lofty and through the city several times. I even jumped on the bike to put in a few kilometers like the good old days.

I finally finished off all of the Panama Content, which did take me a while as I prioritized keeping up to date with adventures as I did them over finishing these big guides. It was probably a good play because they took a while. The huge guide to Panama is more than 14,000 words and links out to over 50 other articles. I think I have put on a real clinic in how to blog after my 100 days in Panama but there’s not much applause in the blogging world, you just keep on going without too much notice.

Now I move on to some new projects. I still have a large list of blog posts I am catching up on for the rest of my time in Adelaide, but I’m also working on finishing my 2019 mobile Lightroom Presets, a huge group trip project in Indonesia, an Adventure Bag project and lots more in between.

I hope you had a good week with friends and/or family over the holiday season. This was a short one but no adventures just good old family time in Adelaide this week.