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After an incredible year of travel, projects and constantly moving about, I headed to Australia for Christmas. Returning to Adelaide is always great for recharging the batteries. Everything is easy, close and familiar. The stimuli are reduced, the stress of new things simmers while old patterns take over.

With more time on my hands, the running stepped up once again. 85km is the new weekly benchmark with a mix of short, quick, slow and long thrown into the weekly bundle. I’m feeling pretty cruisy on the legs but don’t want to push it too far, so I will continue to edge higher and higher. The hairline fracture in my Ulna remains quite painful in certain positions so it is in a removable brace of sorts. It stops me from the gym and swimming but apart from that it isn’t too limiting so I can be thankful for that.

I have spent this first week catching my breath from the year. I don’t like the idea of myself sleeping in as I am addicted to the hustle but I had a few longer sleeps and I think my mind, body, and soul needed to take a bit of a break from the constant grind. I don’t shoot too much when I’m back in Adelaide normally as you can tell by the lack of images in this blog post. I use it as a bit of a detox from the cameras. The nature of my work often means I shoot at times I’m not motivated to click the shutter or create content. So having a break from shooting every day often brings back that motivation by the time I embark on the next adventure. This image in this post was taken on an iPhone by my mom at Glenelg and lightly edited in Lightroom. What a sunset!

However, I’m back to it now with the early starts, early workout sessions, and the daily grind on the computer getting 2019 primed. I want the focus of 2019 to make a slight shift from traveling and travel guides to now included a big focus on community and charity projects. It’s been my goal since day 1 and I already started to incorporate this theme into 2018. It will only become more and more prevalent as I make it my focus in 2019.

The highlight of the week was a few sunset sessions down at Henley and Glenelg with some beautiful colors in the sky and festive, summer vibes flowing from the packed beach precincts. I’ll probably book tickets back to Asia soon, but for now, I will continue catching up on all of the blog posts I have put off, behind the scenes blog work and planning a couple of BIG projects for the first part of 2019.

Hope you all have a Happy New Year.