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The Swim-Run event was done and dusted and we decided to head over to Nusa Penida (the best of the three Nusa Islands) for three days of exploration. It was myself, Josh, my sister Eloise and Josh’s friend Karoline from Norway.

Having explored Nusa Penida twice now, I’d already seen a number of the popular sights but I was stoked to show my friends that Nusa Penida had to offer. We snorkeled with the giant Manta Rays, visited Kelingking, Banah Cliffs and Thousand Island. We visited one spot I hadn’t been to, which was Diamond beach. The locals have recently carved stairs into the cliff so you can access the beach. It quickly made it into my top spots on Nusa Penida.

The crew headed off after a couple of epic days on Penida but I decided to stay. There were some spots I wanted to check out that I didn’t have time to when the crew was here. That’s the luxury of booking things last minute. I stayed an extra two days on Penida and went to Tembeling Forest, Suwehan Beach, and a few cool lookouts up in the mountains and by the coast.

It was cool to be back solo exploring and also nice to shoot a few spots at my own speed and just take it all in. It wasn’t nice to crash the bike AGAIN on my last morning in Penida. No broken bones this time but a solid amount of skin was lost.

Bloody and broken I got myself to the port. Took the ferry to Sanur and then a cab to the airport before flying to Brisbane. Here I surprised my grandmother for a few days before finally making it to Adelaide.

These are some of my favorite photos from my third visit to Nusa Penida. Some of those spots you probably have never seen before, while others you may recognize already.

Alexandra Jackson

Thursday 17th of January 2019

Hi, I love your photography what were your photos taken on, especially the aerial shots?