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Sometimes in life, you just can’t believe how everything is going so smoothly. It all just seems to good to be true and everything falls into place. This week was the opposite. After a month of dedicated training with 45 sessions in 30 days I ran into trouble.

I crashed the motorbike and landed on my wrist causing a hairline fracture in my Ulna. This is already a pretty rough scenario but the timing couldn’t have been worse. One week later I was competing in the swim run charity event in Bali. I had to swim 3km with a fractured wrist.

I did my best to control the despair and channel my energy into creating a solution and focusing on a positive outcome. With a broken bone there is little you can do other than rest so I had to lead into the week before the race without knowing if I could even swim or not.

Josh and I arrived to Bali five days before the event not knowing if it was even possible for me to compete. We continued our flat-out schedule by organizing an Adventure Bag Adventure Day in Canggu only 5 hours after we arrived. We checked into our hotel at 1 am and got down to the beach for sunrise at 530 am. It was a great event with over 70 people coming down to help us clean the beach.

We had done almost 23 hours of straight transit the day before to cap off a hectic month. My body felt it and I had two nights of sweating and fever along with a terrible throat. All this in the lead up to an endurance swim-run event.

I kept my spirits as high as I could despite the disappointment and used the following days to recover as much as possible. It was a rough week but there were still highlights as always. The three most memorable moments of the week were:


We swam with whale sharks in the Philippines


I finalized my collaboration with JEEP in the Philippines


I ran the Adventure Bag cleanup in Canggu with over 70 people



Monday 17th of December 2018

Awesome! I am impressed about your lifestyle! Keep it up!

Noel Krasomil

Wednesday 12th of December 2018

Sounds like a brutal week, my man... travel will chew you up and spit you out. Great job on the adventure bag cleanup! You're doing an amazing thing. Heal up quick! Cheers.