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This week was a bit unusual. I moved to the Philippines from Indonesia to set up a base for a month of solid training. I’m training for the Swim Run event in Nusa Lembongan.

The Swim Run is a charity event to raise $60,000 USD to upgrade the Nusa Lembongan recycling center. It is currently understaffed and in need of equipment to be capable of processing all of the plastic the island uses and collects on its beaches. 30 competitors from all over the world will raise $2000 each and compete in the race.

If you are keen to support me for this charity event, my personal goal is to raise $2000 USD. You can CLICK HERE to make your donation. I appreciate all of your support.

A Swim Run is a bit of an interesting event. You swim 3-4 times for a total of 2.5km and you run 24km in segments. So you are entering and exiting the water many times all the while staying in your shoes and swimming cap. It will be competitive with the women’s world champions and male Indonesia number one triathlete involved. However, this is a charity event first and foremost with the goal of cleaning up Nusa Lembongan and keeping it clean for future generations.

So I grabbed an apartment in Moalboal, Cebu and have stocked the fridge ready for some intense training. This first week I have run 85km through the streets of Moalboal. You need to get out and running by 530 am to have any chance of beating the heat. Without ever done any serious swimming before, I donned a swim cap for the first time. My Australian roots have come in handy with some natural swimming ability. This week I clocked 10km in the open water of the warm, 28 degrees, Moalboal water.

It’s pretty crazy but I actually feel like I’m a tourist snorkeling while I train for swimming. On my last three swims, I’ve seen four turtles. I’m literally swimming over world-class coral as tropical fish disperse as I swim through! Amazing conditions to train in and I’m loving being back in the Philippines.

I’m also using this time to catch up on the blog. I completed all of the East Java content and am super pumped about the East Java guide, which is a huge adventure travel guide, not written for the eyes of the internet or elsewhere before in entirety. Next, I move on to finishing all of the Panama content. For that reason, I haven’t touched my camera since arriving here. I need these detox weeks from the camera and it’s this ability to balance that has me going strong into my third year of digital nomad life. Having said that, I have no photos to share with you from this week so I will use a photo from my last trip to Cebu as the cover photo.

Josh Lynott is currently on his way to Cebu to join the Moalboal training camp and I am venturing out to some waterfalls tomorrow, so I am sure there will be some adventures and photos incoming shortly.

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