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After a month in Colombia and then three huge months in Panama, I headed back home to Adelaide. It was four pretty rough flights home but it’s always good to touch back down on the old stomping ground.

I had exactly one week in Adelaide before flying out to Java for the next expedition. I wanted to make the most of the flat roads while I had them and Adelaide is one damn flat city. After being in Panama for three months it was strange not to see mountains on the horizon in Adelaide.

The weather was great all week and without the incline and humidity, I was able to break a few barriers. First was a 10:40 3km and then a 39:40 10km. I knocked them off at the Uni-Loop in the city.

I began running to all of the catch-ups with friends and family I was going to and started racking up the kilometers. Adelaide is a small place once you start running it. I could get to the beach in under an hour and to the city in 12 minutes.

I capped the week off with a 50km weekend and struck home my first 100km week. The legs were sore but it was good to know I have it in me after 4 or so months of training.

By the way, there are no photos from this week because I took a break from the camera and didn’t even touch any of my gear. I like to do this at home and just fully immerse in the short amount of time I get with my family and friends while I’m back. The cover photo is me bolting down a mountain in Panama.

Other than the running, it was a great week of catching up with friends and family. I also had a refresh and grabbed some new equipment and replaced some battered and smelly gear from battling hard in Panama. The Dji Mavic 2 was the big addition to the weaponry.

I’ve now headed off to Java and will begin a two-week stint with Nic Morley creating a short film in the east.