This week I headed back to Boquete to have a week of smashing out blogs, running consistently and hitting the gym. It was a work week essentially. I ran 45 kilometers, wrote 15 blog posts in 6 days an went to the local gym four times.

Sometimes I need this blocks to catch up. It’s hard daily blogging when the internet just doesn’t work well enough to keep up with my output. In Santa Catalina and Santa Fe, I couldn’t connect well enough to get out the blogs so I thought I’d take some time to get back up to date and have a week of work for my fitness.

I went all the way back to Boquete from Santa Catalina, which too me almost an entire day. I did this because on the weekend I was meant to visit Escudo Island near Bocas Del Toro but the trip got canceled on Friday. I am still going to Escudo but later in September. The change of plans sucked cause I wasted time going to and from Boquete but at least it was a good base for what I needed.

I then transferred via another full day of buses to Anton Valle, where I would base for the next 3 weeks. Everything works out in the end so I just roll with it and move on. Anton Valle looks awesome so I’m looking forward to my time here.

I didn’t touch my camera gear all week in Boquete but compiled some pretty rad blog posts from my last couple of weeks. The two big posts were the guide to Santa Catalina and the guide to Santa Fe. I have linked both below.

Hope you all had a good week and rolled with whatever punches came your way!

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