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I was lucky enough to get an invitation out to a small island called Cebaco Island. It was about an hour boat ride from Santa Catalina or for me a whole day of bus trips to meet the owners at the jump-off spot on either side of the split.

The island is home to 300 locals and only one hotel, of which I was the only guest along with the owners and a couple of their mates. We spent the few days island hopping, exploring the coasts and eating fresh lobster.

Each morning I would wake up for sunrise and I actually never even saw the sun because of the clouds. It was nice to take nature in for a few hours each morning and just contemplating everything. This end of the year is going to be an interesting time for me and I’m looking to keep myself as centered as possible while distractions are always pulling me in multiple directions. It is likely that I will spend another month in Panama before heading back to Asia for the end of the year.

This is another short weekly as I am really hustling hard right now to keep up to date with all of my Panama adventures. I’ve posted 14 blogs in the last four days and am finally back up to date after a week or so without WiFi. The biggest Panama adventure travel guide is in the making and is on track to be an awesome resource for when Panama starts to grow as a tourist destination.

To check out my trip to Cebaco Island you can click the link below:

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