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After the storms came to defeat us last week in Bocas Del Toro, we headed on a ferry and then a 5-hour bus inland towards Boquete. We were hoping to escape the storms or at the very least be in an environment where they didn’t affect the possible adventures like a tropical island.

We checked into Mamallena Hostel, for just $12 a night per person. It would be our base for the next week. It had a free pancake breakfast, free coffee and a front desk lady that I would tirade with questions about hikes, waterfalls and trailheads over the next seven days. I often feel like I leave a hostel knowing more about the hikes in the area than the staff but at Mamallena the ladies have been super helpful.

We did a hike a day for the entire week sometimes two! Josh and I were also running 10km time trials in the morning before the hikes. These were usually with a few hundred meters of incline. It was no surprise that Boquete turned into a boot camp! However, the week was awesome and we got to experience so many beautiful hikes, cloud forests and waterfalls in Boquete and the Chiriqui region.

I have blogged daily this week, which on top of the adventures, running and workouts has been a huge effort. Alas, everything I did this week is documented in detail and with photos. Instead of going over all of the hikes and waterfalls again I will place the links below and maybe you can choose one that sparks your interest and check out my recount of our adventure and see my photos.

Throughout the week I visited more than 7 waterfalls, did 7 hikes, saw poisonous snakes, dart frogs, caterpillars and set a new personal record for the 10k with a 45.11 time with 160m of elevation.

Here are the adventures I got up to this week. You can click any any of them to view the blog post:



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