CERRO TUTE hike santa fe

Santa Fe is a small mountain town in the region of Veraguas. I caught three buses from Boquete and it took me almost all day to make the journey costing about $15 total. The public bus system in Panama is pretty efficient and after more than ten buses, I’ve never waited for more than 10 minutes for my bus, don’t need to book ahead and many are super cheap. It isn’t always comfortable and can get cramped but usually, you aren’t traveling more than a couple of hours on a single bus.

I jumped straight off the bus and with no time left for an adventure, I thought I would throw the running shoes on and crack out a half-marathon in the mountains. Even with the 1000-meters of incline throughout the 21.2 kilometers, I managed to run a pretty similar time to when I did my first half marathon a month ago on the flat in Panama City. The consistent training is paying dividends. I didn’t really push it either just cruised through.

I stayed in a cool little hostel called Hostal La Qhia. It had mountain views and was about $13 a night or so. There was no wifi in Santa Fe or barely enough for WhatsApp and Facebook messages. I ended up writing an offline draft each night in order to keep up my daily blogging. I then took a day to post them all when I reached my next destination with WiFi.

Because I daily blogged once again, I will provide the links to all of the articles and my daily adventures in Santa Fe below. I highly recommend this town and its super fun, and all of the adventures are accessible without a car.






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