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Every seven days I write ‘The Weekly’ and normally it is wrapping up my travels and adventures over the course of the last week. There have been many times where there are just too many hikes, locations, waterfalls, and activities to even bother listing them all in the weekly. However, now ‘The Weekly’ is functioning more as a mini journal rather than a weekly travel wrap-up due to the continuation of the lockdown in Adelaide and the entire world.

I’m not usually one to plan too far ahead in terms of locking in dates but I am someone who makes long-term goals. Right now, there isn’t anything long-term you can really consider regarding travel plans or life plans for the rest of 2020 or even beyond. Everything is quite uncertain, which is a very strange situation and something none of us have really experienced before. Basically, it feels almost as if time has stopped and we are just living this period of time and then time will start again and we will be able to continue on our career paths, life goals, and passions. 

I am in Adelaide, Australia, and will look to fly out whenever it is possible but right now there are basically no flights going out and most countries are not accepting tourists or they are required to quarantine. Travel is off the cards. I am pretty much stuck in this bubble where time has stopped and I am just hanging out with my family, working out pretty intensely, and doing a few blog posts each week. It’s a very strange time but, of course, you can still make the most of this period.

I’m more or less waiting for a country to open up and not require a two-week quarantine and then I’ll head off and base there for a while. I’m not in a rush but winter is coming in Adelaide and everyone is busy with their work so I am just here as a visitor on the fringe of everyone’s schedules.

I’ve been riding 160km a week, running close to 30k a week, rowing 30km a week, and going to my home gym multiple times weekly. Basically I’m training for a half-ironman that isn’t scheduled. It’s keeping me busy and it’s nice to have a stable base to do so. I’m going to add in a few photos from my phone camera roll below for the sake of looking back on as I haven’t touched my camera at all this week.

I hope you all had a good week and are keeping sane during these strange times.