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Having endless options often means endless decisions. With no large expedition confirmed for the Spring season in the Himalayas, we had to make a call on where to travel after Hawaii. Due to a few factors, we decided to head back to Nepal. We would make it in time for Losar, which is the Tibetan New Year celebrations. Also, all of our climbing gear was in Nepal. Thirdly, if we wanted to be poised for a last-minute Spring climbing opportunity, it would be best to get acclimatized and be in the region.

We made it to Nepal on the third of March, which was one of the main Losar celebration days. Most of the celebrations involved visiting the family of Pema, great Tibetan food, wrestling with giant Tibetan dogs, and losing my Nepali rupees in quick fashion during some intense card games.

Family time is often one of the big aspects of life that are missed with a life of travel so it was great for Pema to get to enjoy a Losar with her family that lives in Nepal. It’s been quite a while since she’s been back where she grew up for Losar, so it was nice for her to enjoy that.

We also managed to organize a trek through Langtang with a little climb at the end so we are looking forward to that and poised and ready for any opportunity that comes our way for the Spring climbing season.

Abraham Andersen

Thursday 31st of March 2022

Just recently, my colleague from wrote a text about Losar for a student. It was very interesting to hear about the celebration and how the celebration of the new year differs in different cultures.