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It’s the time of year where I collect my life possessions, pack my bags and set off for a year of adventures. This year my backpack weighed in at a respectable 12kgs, which is essentially everything I own. I always find it quite liberating to begin the year with a handful of possessions, packed orderly into my backpack. Despite only being home in Adelaide for five days, I step on the plane today feeling refreshed and excited to continue my journey.

I began my social media and blogging journey while I was on Oahu. It’s a hub of photography, adventure and everything else that falls in between the two such as social media, creativity and content creation. After I graduated in May 2016 from Hawaii Pacific University, I packed my bags and set off to backpack in Asia.

After one and a half years I am now back on the plane headed to the beautiful islands of Hawaii. I’ll be revisiting Oahu, my second home, but only briefly. My destination for this adventure is the Kauai. It is a quieter island but it’s epic landscapes and dramatic coastal cliffs have been screaming out to me ever since I called Oahu home.

Hawaii is notoriously expensive so I will be combining some sponsored stays with hotels while also Couchsurfing and staying with people I meet. An average hotel on Oahu can set you back over $100 a night and a bed in a dorm room is a crazy $40+ per night. Needless to say, I will look to collaborate here and there to offset these costs but will definitely be doing some Couchsurfing and possibly camping to keep the budget travel lifestyle in check.

Visiting Kauai has been on my bucket list for some time now but there is something else I have had in mind for a while as well. I’ve always wanted to do an open-door helicopter tour over Oahu and Kauai and that was part of why I organized this trip. I will definitely be getting up in the sky during sunset or sunrise for a new perspective above these beautiful islands.

I hope you all had a great week and are looking forward to a year full of adventures and reaching your goals. Get ready for some photos, videos, and new content from Hawaii in the coming weeks.