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It’s a bike-packing trip but less about the miles on the bike and more about the travel. I’m not interested in turning my bike-packing into a sport or a competition. My ideal way of traveling is to use the bike as a challenging mode of transport but it isn’t the focus of my journey. I want to be able to explore the places I find along the way and go off and hike. This week I didn’t ride the bike too much at all.

Pema came over from Bohol and we loaded up the itinerary with a visit to Manjuyod Sandbar, free-diving in Dauin, an overnight hike to Mount Talinis, and then an island-hopping adventure ay to Apo Island. I had to ride down to Dauin from Manjuyod for 80km but other than that, most of this week was off the bike. The 1500m of incline up Mount Talinis kept my legs warm.

Having Pema come over from Bohol was a refreshing change to the solo travel that can often become a bit quiet. We had an awesome time exploring Negros Oriental, which is the eastern side of Bohol.

As I continue this bike-packing journey, I am figuring out my style and also what workload my body can handle. It’s tough to transit 100km and then hike the next day up a mountain. Normally if you are on a moped or a bus this would be no problem but you need to take into account rest days and plan accordingly. I think so far, I have done a good job at balancing the recovery with the adventure but the second half of the itinerary gets a little bit wilder and more intense so we will see how it pans out.

These are some of my favorite moments from the week at Talinis, Manjuyod, and freediving in Dauin.


Monday 27th of June 2022

Whoa wait, where is that in Dauin that the freediving photos are taken? I’ve never seen anything like it!