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After ten long days, we arrived at Makalu Advanced Base Camp (5,800m). This would be our new home for the next month as we did our acclimatization rotations up to the higher camps throughout our quest to summit Makalu Mountain (8,463m).

Base camp is quite an extensive setup. We have 7ft tall tents to sleep in with a fake grass hallway on the outside. Most of our time is spent in the dome dining tent where we have snacks, coffee, hot water, and charging ports. All of our meals are served here and it’s the general hang-out spot.

Makalu towers above us and is often visible when the clouds don’t provide cover. We can also see all the way up to Camp 2, which sits at 6,600m.

This week we rest, do a little acclimatization hike up through the glacier to camp 1 and have our Puja ceremony to ask for safe passage up the mountain.

Erick d taylor

Monday 16th of May 2022

I have seen and climbed everest at least three times I have seen the movie three times and I have watched over a hundred descents I have been there ever season since 1996 but I have never been sick or cold