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This week was time to put the final touches on preparation for our 50-day Makalu expedition. There is always something that will be forgotten and packing for an expedition like this requires attention to detail. This huge packing list only adds to the nervousness of an expedition. However, after venturing into the death zone last year, I am much more composed to head back up again.

We are part of a 50-day expedition to climb Makalu, which is the 5th highest mountain in the world. It will be a few hundred meters higher than last year’s climb of Manaslu. It’s known to be quite safe with little avalanche risk and is one of the ‘safer’ 8000’ers so hopefully, that ends up being the case.

It’s been 22 days now in Aloft Hotel in Thamel so I’m definitely ready to get out and start the expedition. This year has been quite strange with the pandemic, injuries, and periods of limbo between trips. Time feels different these days.

My body is not in great shape although it is in very good gym shape. I’ve been putting in 100 pullup sessions again for the first time in years. However, I’m also rehabilitating hamstring tendinopathy which isn’t allowing me to walk or sit without pain. This may sound like an end to my expedition but carrying an injury has become the norm for me and is starting to frustrate me immensely. I actually just had a prolotherapy injection into the hip, so hopefully that will give me some relief but I am expecting to suffer on the trek and just survive my way to base camp. It’s not the perfect recipe for a 10-day trek while shooting for two clients and somehow trying to enjoy the experience. Time will tell.