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Over the last six years of endless travels, there have been several times I haven’t been home or visited my parents for a year or more at a time. However, I spent two months at home over Christmas, and then just a month after heading to Oahu, they were on their way out here as well to enjoy 10 days of vacation in paradise.

Being away from home a lot gives you a different sense of quality time. I’ve spent the last ten years living outside of Australia. I really cherish and hold dear the time spent with family when I come back to Australia or they journey out to visit me. This trip would be no different and my mum would even have her birthday out here on the island.

We kicked things off with a few small hikes, watching Kelly Slater at Pipeline Pro, some great restaurants in Waikiki, and some chill time at the beach. These are a few of the fun moments from the week although the camera stayed away for the most part.

Tuesday 22nd of February 2022

Treasured memories. Xxxx