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Climbing an 8000m peak and trekking out 80km afterward can take a toll on the body. However, despite the physical effort required on this journey, it was actually my mind that needed a rest after this journey. Throughout the trip, we dealt with some less than ideal working conditions and some leadership that was detrimental to our work and also the enjoyment of the trip. Without going into details, it was a good learning experience in many ways but definitely one we would not be repeating with the same conditions or leadership.

We arrived back in Kathmandu and immediately got to work putting the final touches on the Manaslu blog, editing photos, and catching up on a month’s worth of admin we had missed during Manaslu. My photos began to be shared throughout newspapers and online articles as part of the Manaslu summit debacle of 2021. It was nice to receive a bit more exposure than the blog, where I quietly put all of my photography without much fanfare of newspapers in a normal situation.

Kathmandu is pretty quiet at the moment with just a few trekking groups floating about. It’s a pretty good base with lots of food options, cafes, good internet, and friendly locals. It’s definitely easy to recharge here before the next adventure. Speaking of which, after just a few days back in Thamel, we had already arranged our next collaboration, which will be a climb of Ama Dablam. This is a much more technical climb but also at a lesser height than Manaslu of 6,800m.

I’m really looking forward to this climb. We have been given a huge amount of creative freedom and license to create some unique content. We also have full authority to share this content. This will be in stark comparison to the unfortunate situation we found ourselves in on Manaslu where the terms of the job constantly changed and we found ourselves on a strict shooting regimen with no creativity and no chance to share unique videos. It’s always great to have the full backing of a company and we look forward to helping promote them on this upcoming climb.

After more than a week in Kathmandu, we are heading off o the flight to Lukla tomorrow followed by a five-day trekking journey to basecamp. I’ll have my 30th birthday at Ama Dablam base camp. By the next weekly, I’ll be in the 30’s club and be ready to start making my rotations up the ‘mountaineers mountain’, Ama Dablam.