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Oahu is undoubtedly an adventurer’s paradise. Unlimited hikes, free-diving, snorkeling, scuba-diving, waterfalls, ridges, beaches and surf to discover. All of these activities are within a short drive around this action-packed island. On top of the overload of adventure options, the weather is awesome and the local food is great. It’s easy to see where I enjoyed living here for two years and why it is such a popular vacation spots for all types of travelers.

Coming back to Oahu has made me realize just how much of a gem this island is. After traveling around the world for five years since last living on Oahu, I’ve realized that often a location has a few items from the list above to offer but rarely all of them. Oahu is hard to match across all departments and its main downside is the cost and busy nature of the island, which is a clear testament to its popularity. These are two of the main reasons that make it a little tough to live here compared to the fun of vacationing here for a week or a month. Living on Oahu is pretty damn awesome, don’t get me wrong.

So, I have an entire month on Oahu and I’m trying to make the most of my time here before heading off, back to the cold mountains and trekking locations I’ve found myself in lately.

This week I’ve been out hiking three times on the ridges of the island. I’m getting to know the Koolau Summit Trail a little better. I’m leaning into surfing but just enjoying being out in the water more than shredding up the waves. Acai bowls, good coffee and poke bowls dominate the menu amongst other foods not food elsewhere on my travels. Daily outdoor gym sessions at the beachside park in the sun and a few jogs here and there are fleshing out the week. I add in some blog work on the computer in between all of the activities when I’m resting the body and that is how my month on Oahu is looking.

It’s a cruisy month with a chance to decompress from the first half of the year and prepare for another block of hiking, documenting and traveling through Pakistan and beyond.

Here’s a few snaps from this week up in the mountains of Oahu: