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After living on Madeira for almost four months now, I had started to think I had seen most regions. Of course, I knew there were many hikes, waterfalls and locations within each region I had not seen but I thought I had a good grasp on what each region looked like. However, it seemed I had overlooked Boaventura. I hiked there before but seeing this valley from near the coast looking inland gave me a whole new perspective and love for this region.

I did the Pico do Alto hike with the Madeira Les a Les guys and we climbed up to a narrow ridge in between Boaventura and Sao Jorge and then traversed it back inside the island before coming down after a few kilometers. The views were incredible and I spotted several other ridges that day for future hikes. The video of this hike is below if you want to check it out.

I also did a pretty big hike from Encumeada to Pico Ruivo, which as 1800 meters of incline and 20 kilometers in distance. We found ourselves above the clouds in many moments and enjoyed some beautiful conditions. It was Pema’s first time to see Pico Ruivo and it wasn’t until the last few meters that we rose above the clouds to give her an epic view of the tallest peaks on the island poking out above the cloud cover.

It was another big week of hiking on the island with some great new spots I had never seen. I hope you had a great week and got up to some adventures of your own.