This week on Madeira featured two incredible hikes as the highlights. The first trail was to a unique spot in Rabaçal called the Water’s Kiss. The trail was created by the Madeira Les a Les team who combined some old, public trails with some new routes of their own. The feature of this trail is a waterfall that is created by two streams that come from different sides of the valley. Just before they pour down into the pool below they cross over and are essentially kissing, hence the name of the waterfall.

The second big adventure for the week was to a coastal track called Quebrada do Negro. This is touted as one of the most dangerous routes on the island and I had heard quite a bit about it. There have been a number of landslides damaging this narrow cliff-edge trail. The route took us down into the coastal village of Achadas da Cruz before we began the ascent.

The trail had it’s moments but it wasn’t as dangerous as I had imagined. The trail was often less than 1-meter wide with a big drop below. However, you always had one side to hang onto and never open exposure on both edges. I captured some pretty unique 360 and drone footage on this day and you can check out the video below.

Those were the highlights of the week but there’s been plenty of other adventures along the way as always. Hope you had a great week and got up to some adventures of your own.

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