This week was a classic Adelaide lockdown week for me. I ticked all the boxes but don’t have any momentous occasions that jump to mind when I sit down to write this weekly wrap up come Sunday. That’s okay though because even when life feels like a highlight reel, it’s still the unglorious parts of the week that lead you to a glorious moment somewhere down the track.

It’s been a sunny week here in Adelaide, which has left some of us scratching our heads and wondering if winter has finished or if it ever came it all. Was that it? Is that all you got Adelaide? It’s been chilly at times but the amount of sunshine I’ve consumed and golden rides I’ve been on during winter is surely down to luck. I guess we deserve a bit of luck this year.

I made my way to the gym twice this week for some maintenance, rode 140 kilometers on the bike, and put in 40kms of trail running. It was my steepest week of running ever I believe with 1100m of the incline in the bank. Maybe that is the highlight. For me, the highlight was just enjoying a few different trails throughout the week and I feel like, during this extended stay in Adelaide, I’ve really sought out some different locations in Adelaide and have made the most of my home town. It’s a beautiful home town.

Below are some of my favorite moments from the trails this week and a little video I’ve made while trying to upskill myself on the GoPro Max 360 in preparation for some epic trail running overseas later this year hopefully. I finished up a blog post this week that collated all of the beautiful trails I’ve been running in South Australia. If you are keen to check it out, it’s a handy 5,000-word collection highlighting some of the top trails I’ve run near Adelaide. You can check that out here: 20 AWESOME TRAIL RUNS NEAR ADELAIDE

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