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For those that end up here reading my little weekly excerpt, I just want to say that throughout this lockdown I’ve never meant to make a title or my situation seem too dramatic so I hope nothing has come across that way. I’ve actually been pretty mellow throughout and I generally have a pretty decent level of adaptability and patience, so this was just a training run.

However, despite my enduring patience, there have been times throughout the three months that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Not in an ‘utter despair’ kind of way but in a ‘when the hell will I be able to get back out there’ kind of way. Coming into July, I feel like a corner is being turned. There are still no solid options on the table but with Europe and many countries beginning to open up and announcing their travel restrictions lifting, it appears I may have a safe haven to fly to. This is especially likely due to my dual citizenship with Germany so I’ve been giving a little light at the end of the lockdown tunnel this week, which was a nice little boost.

Over the last week, I kept at the half-ironman program with 30km of running and 175km on the bike. The highlight of the week would have been the 100km ride through the Adelaide hills to Lenswood, Cudlee Creek, and then back down. On a sunny winter day, it was magic. I didn’t take any photos on the ride, I just enjoyed the moment and cycled home. I joined up at a local gym with Josh so I will get in some more base strength for the next month or so till I can hopefully head off but if not, I can keep working at it in the gym for a couple of months.

This week saw a record amount of rainbows in Adelaide due to the on and off rain, which provided a little mood-booster on most days looking up to a colorful sky. Next week is another grind on the training around Adelaide and finishing off all of the remaining Switzerland content and a few blog touch-ups. I think given one more month, the blog and all admin will be in tip-top shape for the first time in a while so I guess that side of the business blog needed a bit of a break.

Here are a couple of snaps from the week. I really haven’t been clicking many photos and haven’t touched my camera at all in a few weeks, which doesn’t bother me at the moment. Hope you enjoyed your week and kicked some goals!