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Two years have come and gone since I was last on the island of the palms, Siargao. The last time I found myself on the popular surf-island in the Philippines was back in 2017 when I stayed on the island for an entire 40 days with Josh, Jorden and my sister. During that time I wrote the first, kind of comprehensive travel guide let’s say. We had time to explore and I documented all of the spots we visited. This time I was back to assist Josh during his running and mindset workshop called, The Siargao Session.

To be fair, Josh didn’t really need any assistance. I was a glorified helping hand except for a few days during the workshop. Mostly, I took a lot of photos that he will be able to use for the next couple of years to market future workshops. I was pretty much there to hang out, enjoy re-visiting Siargao and unwind a bit from the Switzerland onslaught and then the hectic Papua New Guinea trip with the tourism board. I needed some time to breathe. There are few better places to chill out.

If you are wondering what the workshop is all about, basically Josh brings together 5-10 amateur runners and they stay at The Greenhouse for an entire week. It’s a beautiful resort right on the beach and the perfect base for what Josh has in store for the participants. 

The idea of the workshop is to use running as the focus and main activity throughout the week. The group went on 3-4 runs throughout the week and finished off with a huge half-marathon. However, the running may be the backbone of the week but the main takeaway is the mindset workshop sessions. The participants tear back the layers of themselves and the others throughout the week as they delve into who they are, where they want to go, what’s holding them back and what they need to change going forward to reach their highest potential.

I’ll share some of my favorite photos from the week below, which are a mix of the guys doing their workshop discussions, journaling, adventure days, island-hopping and the half-marathon to finish the week. My favorite part of the week was the half-marathon. I rode my bike for the entire event, clocking up 51km’s myself. I shot most of the photos from the bike or quickly rode ahead, set myself up and snapped a few… all while being the water boy and trying to keep the guys on course and focused. So here’s a look into how I saw the week from behind the lens.