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Figuratively and literally. Not only have a few storms been rolling through Madeira but this year seems to be in a constant battle through turbulence. There’s no time to dwell, no time to relax, it’s constant change and chaos.

We now how to deal with a natural storm. We endure and wait for it to pass. As it leaves, the sun takes the place of the grey clouds and a warm glow replaces the chilly winds. There’s a belief that the storm will pass and things will improve. However the storm of 2020 is different. We aren’t sure when the chaos of this year will end. In many ways we would prefer a hurricane to rip through with dramatic force if we knew it would leave as quickly as it came.

This is why I appreciate the simple nature of the complex storm as they have passed through Madeira recently. I’ve taken the time to rest up, work on photography and writing while inside a cozy cottage or apartment. For this reason it’s been a quieter month than others but the adventures have still been rolling on.

I hope you are all enduring the storm of 2020 and still believe that the sun will shine again just as strong, if not stronger than we remember.

These are a few of my favorite photos from this week on Madeira Island. There’s been waterfall hikes in the rain and coastal cliff hikes in the sun.


Sunday 20th of December 2020

Beautiful words and beautiful pictures! We certainly feel like we are in Groundhog day here in the UK! Hoping to escape to Maderia for a few weeks in the new year to escape lockdown! Looks so very beautiful.