It has snowed on Madeira a couple of times now yet each time I have ventured out on a snow trek, it has been cold, raining and I’ve found myself inside a wall of clouds. It’s been fun but my desire to see Madeira’s snow-capped peaks with nice visibility and to dream further, with golden lighting, has gone unabated. However, this week my persistence paid off and on my fourth snow hike of the season the clouds parted and the views were simply amazing.

Because of consistently low temperatures, the snow stuck around longer this time than the last snowstorm. This meant, even a week later once the aggression of the storm had passed, there was still a good covering of snow up in the mountains. We decided to stay overnight at a mountain hut to give ourselves sunset and sunrise opportunities on Madeira’s highest peaks. For just 15 Euros a night it was the cheapest hotel in Madeira with the number one location.

We were rewarded with epic clear skies from the first afternoon all the way until we left the next day. This mean we had ample opportunity for photos, drone videos, enjoying both golden hours and going on a snow-hike adventure. I’ve documented the entire weekend in two vlogs, which I will add down below. I also took a number of aerial and DSLR images of this unique scenery in Madeira. I’ve added my favorite images below aswell.

Hope you all had a good week and got seven days closer to your goals.

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