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I’ve traveled almost nonstop throughout the pandemic. Been on flights, public transport, in restaurants and hotels. I’ve been to Europe, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. I’ve been in lockdowns, quarantines, and inside fortress Australia. However, I’ve somehow managed to avoid contracting Covid. That streak of good luck finally came to an end.

It’s always been funny to me how people in Adelaide will always warn me about the dangers of travel, mountaineering, foreign countries, scams, theft, viruses, hotspots, and whatever else makes them uncomfortable. Yet, in my six years of travel, I’ve had not one thing stolen, caught no disease, never been attacked, and never been sick from the foreign disease. However, when stopping back to safe, little old Adelaide in between trips I’ve not had the same luck. I’ve had two bikes stolen and now caught Covid.

I’m not really one for the comparisons and conspiracies when it comes to this pandemic. The facts are I’m fully vaccinated and had a booster shot. I got Covid and all I had was a sore throat for three days. I had no other symptoms and still kept working out and had no physical issues. It didn’t stop me from doing anything except traveling overseas on my scheduled flight to Hawaii.

My mum also got Covid and had more symptoms with headaches and cough but also recovered after a few days. We only found out as we tested a few days before our holiday to be sure. Therefore, we copped ten-day isolation at our house to finish my time in Adelaide. Luckily, our house is basically a resort with a pool, spa, gym facilities and lots of sunshine so it was hardly a tough time.

I ended up testing negative halfway through my isolation but still had to stay until the tenth day. My trip to Hawaii was rebooked for a week later so that’s something to look forward to. My ankle is slowly recovering and I can walk, albeit in a fragile manner but progress is progress.

Hope you are all staying positive and shooting some goals during these ever-changing times. Have a good week.

Note: The photo is from Oahu, my next destination as I didn’t take any photos this week at home.