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Motivation comes and goes, energy ebbs and flows but pacing yourself is your ticket to longevity. Knowing how to go hard, hustle, and pour yourself into something is a characteristic. Knowing how long you can sustain that input is experience. Whether it be your physical training or your entrepreneurial efforts, the right pace claims victory in the race worth winning.

I looked back on the last seven days and thought to myself how unremarkable they were in the scheme of this year, this decade of my life. Nothing exciting occurred nor was there any trauma or bad luck. I wrote a few blog articles but didn’t set any productivity records. I completed my weekly targets of 200km on the bike and 30km of running but set no personal bests. It was a plain week but the reality of reaching a goal teaches us that in order to achieve our successes we must endure and learn to progress through the unremarkable.

I’m a huge advocate of consistency and I truly believe it is a characteristic that is dwindling in a generation who has become accustomed to instant gratification. I’ve realized this shortcoming of our era and used it to my advantage. Those around you will come and they may even prosper, possibly brighter than you. However, few of them will stand the test of time and those who stick around for the long haul have the most to gain. That’s what we need to remind ourselves during an unremarkable week. It’s a plain week, part of a colorful, remarkable story if we are willing to persevere.

When I think back to what unfolded this week, I realized I’m mistaken. I did set a personal best. I rode my quickest 100km on the bike in 3 hours and 19 minutes. But other than that it was a plain week albeit quite an enjoyable one. I am almost finished my backlog of blog posts, which was a huge pile when I arrived in Adelaide at the start of the lockdown. I’m almost there and it feels great. It’ll be nice to start fresh for the first time when I emerge on the other side of the lockdown and begin to travel again. 

In terms of my training, I enjoyed a trail and a couple of nice jogs through the city and then Glenelg. I battled a few windy days this week on the bike to clock up 200km for the third week in a row. Most importantly my body is holding up and I’m trying to slowly become accustomed to the load without jumping up into heavy kilometers or too much incline too soon. It’s a slow and steady strategy that I’m holding onto so far. It’s been great to get a solid block in during this quarantine and I’m not taking it for granted.

It looks like June will be in Adelaide but there may be a few options opening up shortly for me to get back on the road. Until then, I’ll keep at it here in Adelaide.

I hope you all had a solid week and gave it your best. Here are the only photos I could grab from my phone this week. The camera is still collecting dust.