When you think of the desert, especially the harsh Aussie desert, the thoughts that spring to mind are dusty, dry, hot and endless plains of red sand. What most people don’t know is that in the middle of the outback you can find the most beautiful Oasis.

Today we visited Ormiston Waterhole and Ellery Creek Big Hole. The feeling you get when you find yourself at an idyllic waterhole, no one around, in the middle of a huge desert is quite extraordinary. It’s like a scene from a movie where the explorer is lost in the desert and is fooled by the mirage. Except we found it and its just like the dry-mouthed, delirious explorer dreamed of.

As always we had a blast. Cliff jumping, swimming, rock climbing and surfing on watermelons were top of the agenda. I got on so well with this crew and it showed in our work. We often only have an hour or two at a location. How do you balance getting great shots for each photographer and having a good time by putting the camera down as well? It really only works when our team of five worked together, which was the whole trip. Someone is in the shot, the other getting it, the next one lining up another angle. One photographer runs out of frame for the next shot. It’s crazy how five people who hardly knew each other can move together as one creating content and finding the time to mess around in some of the most amazing locations in Australia. Fingers crossed I team up with these guys again!

I’m with a few talented Aussie photographers on this trip and you can check them out at the links below. They are creating some epic shots for the tourism board and have some really unique styles and approaches to content creation.

Laura Bell

Mitch Cox

Cleo Cohen

Henry Brydon

I am stoked to be on this trip of a lifetime in collaboration with Northern Territory Tourism Board and the awesome crew at We Are Explorers

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