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Onbara Falls In Kyushu Japan: The Complete Guide

Onbara Falls In Kyushu Japan: The Complete Guide

Onbara Falls is a bit of a hidden gem just outside the town of Beppu in Oita Prefecture of Kyushu, Japan. Beppu is one of the most famous Onsen towns in Japan and even the world. However, amidst all of the hot springs and Onsens are some truly epic waterfalls and Onbara Falls is up there with the most beautiful and most accessible.

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If you are visiting Onbara Falls it’s most likely you will be based in the town of Beppu. From here you will need to drive or take a bus up the winding road into the mountains. On the way, you will pass the Beppu Ropeway parking lot. The Google Maps pin location below is accurate and there is a parking lot. There aren’t really any signs but the parking lot is just before the river (which leads to the falls). The parking lot is right under the huge bridge so it’s not hard to find and I’ve added a photo of it below for your reference.



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After finding the parking lot we headed off intending to follow the river. I knew it was just 800m along the river until we would reach the falls. I quickly learned that it was best to follow the trail on the right-hand side of the river. There is a small sign that marks the start of the trail here.

The trail is short and well-defined with a dirt/rock path leading you up to the falls. With the morning sun shining through it was actually a beautiful little walk. 

When we reached the falls, I was actually a bit confused. From the first sight of the waterfall, you can’t actually see the main falls. You can just see the trickles that are coming down the side. I assumed that it needed more rain like can often be the case. I took some photos and was almost ready to leave until I decided to explore right up to the base of the falls. It was then that I realized the main waterfall is tucked around the corner on the right. 

Now that I had locked eyes on the main waterfall I was truly impressed. There was no-one else on the trail at all so we were able to hang out here and enjoy Onbara Falls in all its beauty with some peace and quiet. There is a stone statue atop one of the large rocks and amazing vines, trees, and plants scattered all throughout the waterfall area and the hike itself. It’s a very wild spot given that it is just 800m from the road. 

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I spent over three weeks exploring Kyushu and visited some incredible waterfalls, hiked some amazing trails, and visited a number of epic volcanoes. I created a number of guides to help travelers find the best spots in Kyushu. You can explore the articles by clicking on the links below.

Judy Kimelman

Thursday 25th of April 2024

Thanks for all your great and accurate hiking recommendations. We would never have found the Imbara Falls without your recs. Your descriptions of the hikes in the Mt Aso area were spot on although even steeper than expected but worth it do the views.