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Obsession is such an aggressive word it can often be abrasive to use. It rubs people the wrong way. But often, it’s an obsession that is the root cause of creating something special. It’s the kind of dedication and commitment that comes from tunnel vision and supreme focus that determines a successful outcome.

I often find that when I take a step back from my own life, my own world, I probably appear quite obsessed. I sometimes try and justify it in my own head with some half-hearted reasoning but the truth is that I probably am obsessed with what I do. Adventuring, photographing, documenting, publishing.

Despite the negative connotation with the term ‘obsession’, it can actually be one of the most powerful characteristics you could possess. Of course, there needs to be a balance as with everything. However, think about what you define as your job, your source of income, or your purpose in some form. If you are getting out of bed with a desire to get started with what you classify as your job you’re onto something special.

To wake up with a burning desire to create and progress further towards your vision is purpose. Where there is motivation there is forward motion. Obsession can often be the ultimate driver of your dreams.

Throughout this week I found myself debating whether I am obsessed or driven or motivated. In the end, after much internal debate within my mind, I decided on the following. If your end goal is justifiable to you and all aspects of your life, any means to get there is within reason. It’s the end goal that needs to be in question not how hard you work to get there. Basically, is your end game worth the hustle. Never question the hustle, the hard work, the blood, the sweat, or the tears. Question the ‘why’, ask it of yourself often and if you can quickly answer the why, the hard work will be performed in an obsessive manner of urgency, also known as a burning desire.

Another week on Madeira has passed. It’s now been three weeks here on this tropical island off the coast of Europe (and Africa). I’ve been enjoying the hiking a lot and kept the daily blogging flowing. Having a home-base for five weeks has allowed me to get home from an adventure and quickly enter the flow-state to create and publish a guide each night. It’s been fun so far and I’m keen to keep exploring the island.

These are my favorite photos and moments from the week.


Tuesday 1st of September 2020

Love your personal thoughts of this week and I totally agree with the positive side of having an obsession. We should all have our "healthy" obsessions in life :) It makes you want to live for that moment and pursue the best things